Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Last Snowstorm

This is the winter that never just goes on and on...but I am eating like spring. I'm done with winter.

I made the 101 Cookbooks Citrus-Ginger spritzer--with lime and grapefruit juice and a ginger simple syrup. I remembered to cut the ginger by half and was still blown away; I forgot to add more sugar for my sweet tooth (more for the ginger than the citrus). I will keep playing with this because I really do enjoy it in a strange, bracing way.

I also need to remember for next year: while my fancy King Arthur flour is probably closer to the original for Irish soda's actually far more tasty with the el-cheapo stripped of all nutrition flour. Noted for next year.

In my "cooking from Pinterest" quest, I made a lunchtime avocado-chickpea salad. It is a salad more like a chicken- or egg-salad (meaning, made for a sandwich rather than a fork, though I used a fork for mine)--I think a pita, as shown, would be ideal. I used red onion (and while I hate changing recipes the first time I try them, I had a red onion and no scallions the day the avocado said, "now or never!" so red onions it was); and I do think scallions would be better. But this was incredibly easy, very good, and a win for me. No one else will touch it but for lunches? I can toss this in my bag and go, and it won't make the communal lunch table smell funny. This will reappear in my repertoire.

I also made the avocado taco sauce, which I loved. Next time I will skip hot sauce and add cilantro. But there will be a next time. So good. (I used my hand blender of course, but even a fork would work.)

This week:

Monday: leftover steak, baked potatoes, cauliflower from last week

Tuesday: tacos or out (there's a fundraiser at Iron Hill and I love those, but there is also baseball practice, sigh)

Wednesday: spaghetti

Thursday: pork chops in mustardy sauce, mashed potatoes,  broccoli

Friday: I forgot to make the soup last week, but all the ingredients are still here, so we'll try again.

Have a great week!

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