Sunday, September 1, 2013

Those Were the Days, My Friend...

...I thought they'd never end. In both good and bad ways. This summer was well-planned--ten years in to this parenting gig, I am getting better. I hit a good balance of structured and un-, and overall was pleased with the time. And here we are at the start of another school year, with a 2nd grader and a 4th grader, celebrating my baby's 8th (EIGHTH!) birthday, and getting the load of school supplies coordinated.

Monday: Labor Day. I am hoping for a cookout at the pool if weather cooperates. Hamburgers, chips, and little picky guy starves but surely he'll find something, even if it's cheeseburger cheese on a hamburger bun. If I am feeling very inspired, I might make a gratin with the parade of potatoes on my countertops, h/t to City Mouse/Country Mouse for the inspiration. I will add, in case anyone else is like me, that a gratin dish is oh so cute but not necessary. I needed to look that up. I am truly pathetic in the kitchen.

Tuesday: first day of school AND work AND Lego build! So glad to have a reprieve tonight.

Wednesday: noodles

Thursday: tacos (we are so flexible around here). Also CSA day, also kids off school day, so an easy one is called for.

Friday: slow cooker chicken marbella (new recipe for me but old favorite; using a can of olives in my efforts at cabinet cleanout)

Then soccer starts and the year is officially underway.

Last week, I never made the mongolian beef. I sneaked off to the beach instead. I have no regrets.

I did make this avocado-mozzarella-tomato salad. I was looking for something more "magic" with some "aha!" ingredient and did not find it. But you know what? I made it with good white wine vinegar and it was excellent.

On another note: this year, while we were away, we left our poor dog home. It was great for her; she got to rest her legs, took long walks with our dog loving neighbor, and generally she was as refreshed as we were. BUT. With one week of Only the Dog in the house--the doggy stank is huge. We have shampooed rugs, washed everything that had dog hair on it (sorry, should edit to read "everything" since "with dog hair" is redundant), groomed the dog, lit candles, you name it. Dog stank still pronounced. Any great tips for eliminating it? I fear the large bowls of vinegar are going to get knocked over, starting a new stank problem, though so far, they are doing the best job. We have also shampooed the carpets, shampooed the dog, bought the "Good Air" thingees from Yankee Candle, Febreezed, and Arm & Hammer Carpet Deodorized. It has gotten better but I don't want to just add layers of scent; I want to remove stank.

Have a great Labor Day holiday and see you next week!


Mom24 said...

Glad you got to go away, very jealous of the beach! Good for you!

About the stink. Try little bowls (with lids and holes punched in the lids) of activated? charcoal set around. I think it's the charcoal you get at a pet store for aquarium filters, but maybe it's good old regular charcoal, I'm not sure, google it. It's an old Heloise hint, but it sounds like it would work. There's also bowls of baking soda. Good luck!

Mom24 said...

Ugh! Blogger ate my comment. Again. Anyway, congrats on the trip. Jealous. Happy for you anyway.

Try bowls with holes punched in the lid, or charcoal, activated charcoal, maybe from pet store? There's also bowls of baking soda, but that will take awhile. Good luck!