Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to Reality

So, I'm back. I ended up flying cross-country to be with my family for the funeral and I am glad I did though it was hard hard hard. My uncle was such a vital presence, we all kept expecting him to step back in at any second, but of course that never happened.

So this week, I'm being kind to myself again...

Monday: Leftovers from the one-pot chicken recipe with the potatoes and tomatoes. Verdict: looked better than it was. It was a great use of potatoes (though I used too many) and tomatoes (though I didn't use enough); and the chicken parts with bones tasted much better than the ones without. A worthy experiment but we won't be repeating it.

Tuesday: Need you even ask?

Wednesday: This has been a good innovation of 2013. (Spaghetti night, woo!)

Thursday: I am working so this might be crock pot freezer meal night. Will let you know how that goes.

Friday: We are meeting friends for dinner and I am so excited to be off to a happy occasion!

I will also be making a kale salad; I am linking to this video because I have liked it a lot and I am a slow learner and need to watch her almost every time. And heaven knows I have all these ingredients except for the avocado. Except for the hating-to-touch-my-food issues, this is my favorite way to make kale.

Watching that video makes me think it's time to get back on the green smoothie horse too. I need some detox this week. If I try something new, you know I'll share it here.

Wishing everyone a good last week of September! 

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Mom24 said...

So sorry for the loss, glad you got to be with family.

I hate when I put in the time, effort and money on a dish and it's just meh. Thanks for updating though. They can't all be winners, right?

I can not imagine doing the green smoothie thing. Good for you!