Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Favorite Category of Food

Well, we are in a crazy place--by October everything is up and running, activity-wise, and now what seemed reasonable is looking a little like craziness! The swimming is what is sending me over the edge but we will see how it goes. And really--this week is just sending me over the edge, with lots of odd one-time activities.

Thank goodness--this weekend we were in New York for a bar mitzvah and we were sent home with TONS of leftovers! We'll be eating risotto and mashed potatoes all week. (There was so much more awesomeness to the bar mitzvah than that, but this is my dinner blog!) Hence the title: my favorite food is always leftover party food!

Monday: apple-sausage-potato bake. With mashed potatoes. It's a little potato heavy but mmmm.

Tuesday: Lego build! We will deviate from our usual plan but I can live with that.

Wednesday: spaghetti. Just us, at home, but still--yum.

Thursday: Taco Thursday

Friday: School Fall Fest! This is always a good night. We'll be selling pumpkins all night long but it should be fun.

We will have to see if we can freeze risotto...should be an interesting experiment!

Have a great week!

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Mom24 said...

I bet risotto would freeze just fine, there's nothing in it that shouldn't, right? Your Monday night bake sounds delicious. I'm looking forward to getting some true fall food, it's 84° here today and I am sick. of. it. Enough already. I want fall weather (not winter!) and stews, soups, one dish, slow cooked meals. We'll see.

Happy week!