Sunday, July 14, 2013

Resuming Our Regularly Scheduled Summer

So, last week, I fibbed a bit; we were on a roadtrip to Indiana and Illinois. I had to go for work and decided to make it a family affair. We had a blast, despite my major trepidation before the trip--we have no DVD player, no tablets, no iPods or iPads for the kids. We went old school with books on CD from the library and it was great. We stopped in Carlisle, PA, for dinner with one of my husband's college friends; Pittsburgh for breakfast with my college roommate and a ride on the incline; Cleveland for a baseball game and a stay in Maumee, OH, the surprise hit of the trip; South Bend, IN for work; Chicago, for an amazing three days with friends from college and childhood and my husband's baseball blog (at a Cubs game, naturally); then back through South Bend, Maumee, and Pittsburgh again until we got back home. Three baseball games (Cleveland-Detroit, Cubs-Angels, and Pirates-Mets), two great Chicago museums (Science and Industry and the Children's Museum), an amazing speedboat ride on the lake, two movies (Monsters University and Despicable Me 2)...the only downer at all was the two sprained ankles (mine and my husband's, in the exact same spot, on an unpainted curb--I saw him on the ground, ran to him, hit the same spot, and did the same thing--it was bizarre). But fortunately it was neither of our driving ankles and the kids were enthusiastic travelers so we are excited to do it again sometime.

So this week is a lot like last week; my apologies for the deception.

Monday: catered by Trader Joe's (veggie stir fry for parents, buffalo meatballs for boys)

Tuesday: welcome back to Taco Tuesday!

Wednesday: definitely too hot for spaghetti proper so pasta salad. And the Jersey tomatoes came in while we were away! Wahoo! So we will have basil-tomato-mozzarella salad.

Thursday: gyro chicken, and yummy stuff from the CSA box--yay!

Friday: Pizza at the pool, if things go well!

Wishing you a great week!

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Mom24 said...

How fun! That sounds amazing. What was so successful about Maumee? That's about 2 hours from us, so it's doable.

We haven't seen Monsters yet, but loved Despicable Me 2.

So sorry about the ankles. Definitely bizarre, and painful.

Check out Chet Gecko on CD sometime. It's a fourth grade private eye who is a gecko, narrated by Jon Cryer. Awesome.

We also love the Lucy Rose CDs. So good!