Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to the Green Smoothies, and Other Stuff

What a month! I can't believe it's the last week of camp already. I am psyched to have at least one week where I can mostly just be at home--I have so many projects here! For the other camp weeks, I was preparing for one trip or another--after the midwestern swing, we went to the mountains this weekend for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday celebration--which was great, but I am so glad to just be back.

So once we were back from our big trip, I was back on my green smoothie kick. I will be honest, after only 5 days of green smoothies (all in a desperate effort to use my kale before we left), my innards were Very Cranky to have this nutrition infusion yanked away, which surprised me. Of course we were also traveling in central/western PA, home of the everything fritters and 12 kinds of sausage at every venue, so I wasn't shocked. But it was interesting to experience how fast my system adjusted (in a good way) to all those fruits and veggies and micronutrients coming daily.

When I got back, I switched to spinach; I had used the kale, and thought spinach would be easier to smoothify. And I was right. Where the recipes I made with kale made two smoothies with a little left over, the one with spinach made three, and tasted MUCH more like a regular smoothie. Of course, I also tried the Beginner's Luck smoothie, which was a ton of fruit and a little bit of spinach, so maybe that had something to do with it too. But still--it was a worthy experiment with the kale and I will go back to that again. I might get crazy and try mixing my greens--some kale, some spinach, or, yikes--if I go out on a real limb I might try it with beet greens, which I usually loathe but have a ton of since I love the actual beets. Or not. We'll see.

This week, in addition to green smoothies: I have a ton of beets and a bunch (literally) of carrots to use. The weather is better but still crazy hot. So...

Monday: slow cooker pork roast (pulled pork sandwiches), probably potatoes, and tomato-mozzarella salad

Tuesday: tacos

Wednesday: spaghetti (really? so hot I can barely process it) and maybe garlic bread with the awesome leftover party rolls

Thursday: leftover pork, possibly roasted carrots and roasted beets, depending on weather

Friday: unclear. Maybe out, but we've been out so much I am tempted to stay in. We will see how the week goes. The extra freezer isn't totally empty yet and I would like to make that happen.

Have a great week! Stay cool and if you have any no-cook ideas--pass 'em along!

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