Monday, September 3, 2012

MPM--Summer's End

Well. That summer ended with a bang. Labor Day was full of unexpectedness so this will be short as I am now pulling together school bags for tomorrow.

Monday: On the road.

Tuesday: Lego Build! Boys will be psyched after first day of school, I hope.

Wednesday: Did I mention this was a week of unexpectedness? Alas, we will be having a funeral dinner. My aunt passed away this weekend. She was 90 so it's hard to call it a surprise but she was fine last week and the end came quickly.

Thursday: Taco Thursday

Friday: Darn, I thought it was a football game but it's away so I'll have to cook twice this week. So it goes. Something from Dinner A'Fare and the CSA veggies.

In the plus category of the weekend: Younger Brother (Mr. Picky) is now 7! He had a great birthday, which included playing in his first football game, which went well. We had a great trip to the mountains, complete with minor league baseball and fireworks. Lots of family time, lots of tucking in things from the summer list--it was a great week. But I'm ready. It's time.

Wishing you a great week with no curve balls! Check I'm an Organizing Junkie for better meal plans!

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Anjali said...

Hope everyone has a wonderful week back!