Sunday, September 23, 2012

MPM--I Keep On Falling

Happy Autumn everyone! I hope the new season treats us all gently.

The first fall of fall here was a hugeonic branch right on my car. I was sooooo lucky--no one was in it, and no real damage was done to the car, just lots of scratches and when I got in the car, everything that snaps up (the sunglasses holder, the sunshields, etc.) was down. So I'm very grateful no one was in the car when it happened. Here's hoping that was the last gasp of a semi-unlucky summer.

So here we are, weather getting in gear for fall and sports seasons in swing and swim stuff all put away. I'm in the midst of back-to-work craziness and trying to keep it simple, but trying to introduce some new things too...wish me luck!

Monday: New recipe time. I'm trying these buffalo chicken wraps and hoping they are as big a hit as the buffalo chicken meatballs from Trader Joe's. Not sure what I'll do for a side with carrots and celery in the dish but I'll think of something. (This looks good, and I have the beets and feta. The real question is the time.)

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, yay

Wednesday: apple sausage bake and whatever is in the box.

Thursday: Leftovers, yay, or freezer meal.

Friday: Football game, probably, but I am trying hard to eat before the games this year because wow, while I am happy to support the team by getting something at the concession stand, the dinners add up in a big stinking hurry.

And that's the week that will be! Our niece and her husband are coming to visit for the weekend so we'll see how it goes...we usually try some Smitten Kitchen recipes but we'll be doing a lot in the weekend anyway (a memorial walk for my sister in law, kids' football and soccer games) so this might not be the visit for that.

Wishing you and yours a great week, and I will point you to I'm an Organizing Junkie! for the most diverse set of menus planned on the web!

PS--who else noticed that we're in to the "less than 100 days to Christmas" time? One of my favorite blogs, name (what else?) 100 Days to Christmas, just started back up again. It's a little less angst-inducing than the Holiday Grand Plan but keeps me on track. Take a look!

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