Sunday, September 16, 2012

MPM--Aw, Man Edition

Wow--through some lucky fluke of timing, I ended up #2 on last weeks list and it was about the most lame MPM I've put up in forever. Had I known, I would have been more welcoming and kicked it up a notch, as they say. Ah well. (And so much for Org Junkie's oft-stated assertion that "where you are in the list doesn't matter for traffic." Oh, it does.)

This week should be fun. It starts with a day off from school and goes on from there. Football, high school back to school night, a birthday party in's a good one. I do miss summer but I am enjoying this time back in school. It's the best of both worlds--still Jersey corn and tomatoes for the table, peaches for after, and schedule and routine to keep us on track. It's a beautiful thing.

Monday: pulled pork sandwiches from my crock pot recipe, salad, roasted beets, kale chips

Tuesday: taco Tuesday, praise be. (By the way--I made up a new batch of the taco mix and thought, oh, why not do tablespoons instead of teaspoons? The ratios will stay the same. That's true, but wow, is it ever a huge container! I am not very good at estimating volume.)

Wednesday: leftover chicken breasts from Sunday, whatever is in our CSA box

Thursday: leftover pork from Monday, probably with BBQ sauce this time to jazz it up, roasted potatoes,

Friday: football game, woo! The lines are too long and annoying so we'll eat before, probably pizza or noodles, whatever I feel like.

Only one new recipe for me last week; I tried the BooMama diptacular Swiss cheese and almond dip. I liked it (a lot) but didn't love it, exactly, but it is worthy to try to figure out what is missing because it was an excellent base for sure.

Here's hoping you have an awesome week and are getting in to whatever routine makes you and your family happy and functional. Go check out I'm an Organizing Junkie! for more weeklong menus, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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