Monday, April 2, 2012

MPM--From Desperation, A Winner

That's how things go sometimes, isn't it? Despair and a breakthrough? We had a recipe like that here last week. It wasn't a perfect-OMG-delicious recipe, but it was a four-star one here in that everyone ate it. It's not surprising, necessarily, but it made us happy.

Here's hoping the same desperate inspiration strikes this week. I had no freakin' clue the kids had off next Monday for break as well. I was ready to pack 'em off to the school bus and go to my 10am meeting on Monday but guess what? The district had other plans. Here's hoping some miracle gets pulled out for them as well.

Monday: Italian from the freezer from last week's trip to South Philly. Woo!

Tuesday: Out! Lego Build.

Wednesday: Out! Full court press to get friends to move to our town.

Thursday: Taco Tuesday, baby! The good news about the Tuesday Lego build? My anchor meal moves somewhere else. This is good too, because it's Egg Dying Day in my house, with seven cousins under ten. Hold me.

Friday: Nothing. Kidding. But it is Good Friday, so there won't be much.

And this weekend, I'm bringing some goodies to the Easter celebrations: mac and cheese, carrot mousse (gotta have carrots for the bunnies, right?), strawberry rhubarb crumble. I'm very excited for a neighborhood egg hunt this year--it started two blocks away and keeps growing! This is the first year we're invited and I can't wait.

As to last week...

On Wednesday, I ran out of time to do the crockpot curry chicken. So, the saving grace recipe? Baked honey mustard chicken. I know: no breakthroughs or shocks here. Both boys like honey mustard and chicken, so it wasn't a stretch. Little Mr. Picky said, "I like the chicken, but not a lot." And it's a sad commentary but I call that a win. It worked for me because I had all the ingredients in the house (Dijon mustard is one of those things that makes things feel fancy, even if it's just the sausage-apple-potato bake, and Trader Joe's' is cheap), and I didn't have to touch the raw chicken breasts. Cooking by Google = winning! I believe I searched for "fast easy baked boneless chicken breasts." Some recipes were too easy, and ergo too close to the Crazy Jane's chicken we had on Sunday. We really need to break out the grill, pronto.

Another saving grace: my moms' group just started a sub-group of working mothers and the first pet peeve (and then first project) became: Let's batch-cook for each other. I'm totally psyched for this.

On a random note...I almost never check my blog stats, because I'm a perfectionist and they distress me because they are inscrutable, though they seem like they shouldn't be. But I am always fascinated by some of the things on there. For instance, the search words that brought someone to my blog last week included "curious george noky cat," which I have to assume is really Gnocci, the semi-naughty kitty on the PBS show. What I wish Blogger would show me is WHY that brought them here. But I'm out of luck. I am also very curious about "referring sites." Some of my most popular are Gothist (like facebook for Goths, apparently?) and some "spy on your cheating spouse by installing spyware on his/her smartphone." Wait what? I don't get it. And then I feel like I am turning in to my mother, who was truly wounded when she would be spammed with ads for porn. She took it absolutely personally, asking, "But why would someone SEND me that?" And I fear that this is the next step of these websites, to find trafficked-enough-to-still-be-alive websites and just end up on the referring site list in hopes of a clickover from the confused blogger, and I am wandering right in to their little schemes.

Wishing you a week of happy memories and easy meals! Don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more inspiration! Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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