Sunday, April 15, 2012

MPM--Allergies Ahoy

The spring! Everything looks so pretty! Except, of course, for us, with our runny noses and red eyes sagging underneath. But it's ok; we just keep enjoying looking at the outside, and scrambling to prepare in here.

Sunday was beautiful weather and the boys (hallelujah) were at a birthday party, so it was time to break out the grill. And there was much rejoicing.

Monday: chicken grilled on Sunday, rice, edamame and tomato salad

Tuesday: wahoo! Iron Hill fundraiser for my moms' group. Anyone local who feels like eating out and having it give to a good cause--by all means, let me know.

Wednesday: Whatever We Have. I know there will be Iron Hill leftovers and probably grilled leftovers too.

Thursday: The only thing better than Taco Tuesday is a week when I can do Taco Tuesday on another day.

Friday: Friends are coming in from out of town. Not sure what the schedule is. I might make hot chicken salad for them (recipe on sidebar); we might go out (twice in a week! such joy!).

It was a good week last week, with my 10 days of An Everlasting Meal flying by (new book at the library + multiple requests after mine = necessarily quick reads). It was a funny read--sort of cookbooky, sort of essayish, funny and opinionated and interesting, but hard to absorb in some ways. But, I did enjoy the inspiration of How to Stride Ahead and used one of the chilly days to fire up the oven and try to roast everything "her" way.

I still had a butternut squash from the CSA (oof--and a kabocha, but I didn't want to do that the same way), some beets, and lots of sweet potatoes from when I just ran out of mojo on sweet potatoes. (They were a batch that was turning black upon peeling, but had too funny a shape (I thought) for roasting--small and curvy. But they did me no good on the counter, and have I mentioned the First Communion and a ton of houseguests are coming up? So in the oven they went. Tamar Adler suggests just roasting the squashes whole, popping them in the oven with no real prep at all, and letting them cool overnight, at which point she promises they will peel as easily as a banana. I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know how that goes.

The nice thing? It really was easy and by doing it all at once, it was easier to see where the rest of our meals for the week were coming from. Apparently she's on to something.

Go check out I'm an Organizing Junkie! for more meal planning ideas and have a great week!

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Mom24 said...

Is First Communion this week? Good luck! I cried at Jacob's. It was Maundy Thursday and it was so moving. Wonderful.

Enjoy your company.