Sunday, April 29, 2012

MPM--And Down the Stretch We Come

Won't you be glad when the First Communion is over? I sure will. Both for the end of the prep and planning, and for the excitement of this next stage for my son. I was so excited walking up to Communion with him today--the last time he won't be allowed to receive. But--this week is all about the prep.

Monday: grilled chicken, kale chips, sweet potatoes with miso

Tuesday: Lego Build. Can't quite believe I'm going to make it happen, but (deep breath) I am.

Wednesday: Communion rehearsal. Taco Wednesday, because it can happen fast (and we're having tacos on Saturday, so this gives some distance)

Thursday: Communion rehearsal. Leftovers from Monday.

Friday: Communion Eve. Hoping we eat out to preserve the housecleaning that will happen that day.

See, here I thought I'd be gallivanting all over the place last week--conference, Phillies game, out with friends, Wednesday Spaghetti...and, well, God laughed and my son got strep. So I was still out a lot but someone ate at home every night this week. So the plan worked well: I did a pork roast on Sunday for Monday dinner and it filled in all the blank spots all week. So did the turkey breast. I was a bigger fan of the cabbage under the turkey; I'll have to brine the breast next time and then roast it over the cabbage. I'll bet that would work.

So of course I couldn't resist Catherine Newman's chocolate cake with no eggs, no milk, and a bunch of stuff "you probably have in your cabinets anyway" (I did). I had Wednesday Spaghetti that night, so it seemed like a perfect night to break out the 9x13 pyrex and have a go. And...I don't think I'll make it again. It was ok, but by far and away the most rewarding part of this cake was letting my kids lick the bowl.

I also made the orzo pilaf (from my sidebar) again last week; that was good, though I was the only one who thought so. And I also revisited simple cauliflower from 101 Cookbooks for the rest of the head leftover from the striding ahead roast the week before.

Speaking of striding ahead, in the interest of clearing out the fridge and clearing off the counter, I roasted a pile of sweet potatoes, four lonesome beets, and a butternut squash on Sunday. I went with the untouched-squash-on-the-rack technique, which was awesome (but we'll see how it tastes) and am hoping to use them all week for veggies.

Wishing you a good week. I'm too distracted to document. Go see I'm an Organizing Junkie! for less befuddled recipes!

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Mom24 said...

Happy First Communion, have a wonderful time. :)

Hope the week is peaceful, at least in spots and enjoyable. I'll be thinking of you.