Sunday, February 26, 2012

MPM--Marching Along

And here we go in to Leap Week. I used to hate February but when it's sunny and in the 50s and crocuses are blooming (and I don't have a job that makes me work 18 hours a day), meh, it's not so bad. The concussion recovery is painfully slow, though happily, fairly pain-free. But the boy is still clumsy, emotional, and unable to focus on anything (which makes it a great week for standardized testing, right? ugh). So we're limping along a little. And I have a terrible sinus infection, which is a totally new-to-me thing. My empathy meter is now off the charts for my friends who struggle with these often.

My recipes folder on Chrome is so big it stops my computer if I try to open it, so I went through and thinned the herd. Wow, I have a lot of cookie recipes I never, ever make. So this week I'm trying some things I haven't before, but nothing too taxing.

This week:

Monday: leftover Chinese food (we got Chinese food for Oscar watching), plus noodles for the picky boy.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: slow cooker curry chicken (I'm on a curry kick), rice

Thursday: lemon and rosemary chicken, rice, kale salad

Friday: Boys are on their own, I am out to dinner. Cannot. Wait.

Last week on Ash Wednesday, I had some time to actually cook since Concussed Boy was not at fencing. So I made lots of veggies that were in the house (the rest of a bag of spinach, a bag of Brussels sprouts, etc.) and then tried the Martha Stewart mushroom and scallion frittata. I am not sure how I would do this differently, because I did like it, but I think I would do still more scallion (though I don't think I had as many as the recipe technically called for). It was easy and dramatic (I took a picture and if I can figure out how to upload it, you can check out the huge bubble), and while the boys were uninterested (eggs-scallions-mushrooms = 3 strikes), my husband and I enjoyed them that day and the next. I should have added some of the dill that was liquifying in the drawer; next time.

Also? Our new dishwasher was installed. Whoa. Our stuff looks much better now. Noted.

Looking for more inspiration? Try I'm an Organizing Junkie! And have a great week. I'll write more when I'm not sick.  Really.

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Mom24 said...

Feel better! Hope the boy's better soon too. Scary.

Enjoy that dishwasher, I know I absolutely love mine, there are (many) days I run it 3x!