Sunday, February 12, 2012

MPM--Ah Het Valentine's Day Edition

Growing up, in our adolescent moodiness, my best friend and I would affect southern accents and pout, "Ah het Valentine's Day." It wounded our pride and made us wonder if we'd ever find The One(s).

Of course we did, eventually, but alas, I have found something Ah het more than Valentine's Day: lung nodules. My best friend, the person besides my husband who knows me best in all the world, has moved on to the third stage of her inflammatory breast cancer as it has moved in to her lungs. This is beyond not good. And I am distracted beyond measure, trying to figure out a way to stop time right here, while she is still well, while she is still here, to hold my memories and make more.

Sorry for the downer of an opening but I'm really not myself right now. She was good friends with Susan of Team WhyMommy, because they shared the same cancer, and I'm just horrified that this disease continues to rampage.

On the good side: another friend, from Lemonade & Kidneys, is having her long-awaited kidney transplant this week. I am beyond excited for her and am trying to remember: modern medicine does sometimes deliver miracles.

This week:

Monday: if they still have the Italian pork roast at the Co-op, that wins. Otherwise, pork tenderloin with creamy mustard sauce; baked potatoes; brussels sprouts.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, of course, Valentine's Day notwithstanding. Kids will get heart shaped muffins in their lunches and that's about all the cute I can pull off this year.

Wednesday: leftovers, or if it's getting skimpy, I will make the slow cooker chicken curry.

Thursday: pizza fundraiser at Tony Rony's near us. Local peeps: if you are interested let me know and I'll send you details. Pick up, delivery, or eat-in.

Friday: we'll see. Kids have off and I might be flying to see my friend.

I apologize for the tone of the post. I will try to pull myself together for next week. I feel horrible that I'm so distracted from this that I can't even focus on the fun things: the awesome Wednesday Spaghetti that saved my bacon this week, or the gigantic party that went to the Japanese place that cooks in front of you (party of 19 + 2 high chairs...that was 8 adults and a whole mess o' kids--unbelievably fun), or the awesome friends who, out of nowhere, asked if they could take our kids to brunch on Sunday and gave us an unexpected three hour date. I do believe that God sends His angels and that sometimes, you get what you need. Wishing you what you need, and good health and joy to all you love. And for less distracted meal plans, try I'm An Organizing Junkie! where there are lots of good things going on.


Anjali said...

Ah het cancer.

So sorry to hear its in her lungs. Will be thinking of her, and you, as always.

Mom24 said...

Please don't apologize. Speaking for myself, and I bet others, that's what we're here for. I know it can help to share the yuckiness, and yours is certainly overwhelming this week.

I am so sorry.

Try to remember some people do win, hopefully your friend will be one of them. I know the timing is awful, I cried when I heard about Susan, I can only imagine how you're feeling.

Saying a prayer and sending good thoughts your way.

The fun things sound wonderful! Kuddos to you for recognizing and accepting God's angels.

Hang in there.