Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MPM--Why Is July the Longest Year?

Ah, a four year old's sense of time, and a very hot month: Why *is* July the longest year? This year, it was the heat and the humidity, thanks for asking. I am not sorry to see July go. I am sorry to see camp end, but who knows, maybe August will surprise me. Camp Mommy is getting off to a big start, with parties and pizza lunches and field trips--and my latest innovation: the Ice Cream Tour of Our County. Our moms' group has done a "deck tour" of the county, with moms' nights out at places with lovely outdoor seating (though we have alas been chased indoors this summer, it's been so hot). But it seemed like a good time to do something for all ages--hence, the ice cream tour. Some chains, some mom-n-pop places...should be refreshing.

Of course, as soon as I started planning the ice cream tour, the weather suddenly remembered that this isn't Florida and started getting normal. It's summer, so it's still hot, but not crazy hot like it has been since, oh, MAY. But that's ok. Camp ended. Football's starting. The last graduation party is this weekend. And we're just hanging around the house in PJs, building legos and train tracks, and enjoying these "boring" summer mornings.

Football, though, is really throwing off dinner. Practice is 6-8 pm, Monday through Thursday. So we've switched to big late lunches and dinners on the go.

Monday: CSA day--veggies a go go, plus freezer food to augment

Tuesday: sandwiches at the field

Wednesday: chips and salsa, black bean tacos at home

Thursday: hot dogs from the snack stand at the field (yes, the concession stand is open during practices! for me, this is hilarious, but maybe in the rest of the jock universe it's normal)

Friday: soccer and pizza. Can't beat it!

Also up this week: making pulled pork in the slow cooker for 75. Good times!

Have a good week! And check out Org Junkie to see what's up there.


Mom24 said...

Your weeks are crazy! Pulled pork for 75!!! I can't imagine.

Okay, confused about why you're at football practice, but good luck with it. Glad the weather broke a bit for you. Soooo ready for that to happen here.

Your meal plan sounds yummy. Right now I'm meal planning on post-its, but I imagine I'll get back to posting it one of these days.

Take care.

brandy101 said...

Pulled pork for 75? How big is your slow cooker?!?!