Friday, August 20, 2010


I was so worried about the August Camp Mommy schtick that I went a little overboard and wow, we are overstimulated. We've been to the mountains, the beaches, the cousins', the ballparks, the's been great but it's time to reel it in a little.

This week will look somewhat similar to last week because last week, as I said, we had our niece here, which was great, but unexpected. As we settle in to the last weeks of the vacation, we will have one or two more exciting days but right now, I'm really looking forward to a routine of the pool and other local things. My goal is to not go to the store at all and instead use things we have in the house already.

Monday: corn, tomato sandwiches, beets, the kale and bean salad from (of course) DALS (I need to just order that cookbook already as my lame local bookstores do not have

Tuesday: Vietnamese shrimp, rice, quick Asian pickles

Wednesday: hot dogs, roasted potatoes, tomato & green bean salad

Thursday: black bean and regular tacos for all

Friday: pizza, of course

There were many fun things with my niece last week, but one was lots of baking. We splurged on Star Wars cookie cutters (birthdays are coming up) so we made sugar cookies with those. We ran out of time to ice them, but the cookies were good and very cute. I also had a zillion plums from the CSA so we tried the Wednesday Chef's plum crumble. I don't have a nine inch pie plate so it overflowed the regular dish I had. (If you try it at home--and you should--it was awesome--don't overload with the plums. They give off SO much juice. But, um, YUM.) We also baked bread (bread machine and the 24-hour kind), and a Mounds cake. She gives me great hope as she was another picky eater in childhood but she's branching out now. Alas, the detox soup was a bridge too far but I adored it still; and yummy scrambled eggs with feta and dill. Maybe as my boys get older there will be more of this...

What are you up to this week? Check out other late summer menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie!


Kathleen said...

OMG! Star Wars cookie cutters!

Anjali said...

Camp Mommy sounds wonderful! Can I sign up for next summer?