Monday, August 16, 2010

MPM--Back in the Swing

Hello all!

Now that I'm back, I can tell you last week was lovely; we followed the menu plan pretty closely because we were in the mountains for a visit with the grandparents and that was all we brought! The weather was everything--hot, cold, sunny, rainy--and we hiked and picnicked and swam and had a ball. And here comes reality again...recipe reviews after the jump.

Monday: Vietnamese shrimp, rice, quick Asian pickles

Tuesday: potatoes, steaks, stuff from the CSA box

Wednesday: black bean and regular tacos for all

Thursday: DAF meal or maybe that BBQ chicken!

Friday: pizza, of course

So, last week was a bit of a kerfuffle because we weren't sure who was coming when, how many would be there for dinner, etc. etc., so (alas) I never did get to make the barbeque chicken. But we made lots of other things and had two dinners we really enjoyed. One was an Ina Garten spaghetti with broccoli and shrimp--which was, unsurprisingly, outstanding. The other was surprising for me--I'm kind of not a Campbell's Soup recipe girl but my mother in law fussed with this pork and peaches recipe and it was terrific. She didn't have pecans, but she used fresh peaches and orange juice instead of the canned syrup and it was really tasty.

The other unusual circumstance of the week: my 13 year old niece came home with us this week (woohoo!) so I have another palate to consider now, so stay tuned. We're thrilled to have her, but it means food is really low on my priorities right now; figuring out fun stuff to do with her and my kids is key. Whatever happens dinner-wise, we'll be happy!

What are you up to this week? Go see the menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie! for inspiration!

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