Sunday, September 20, 2009

MPM--Oh, My Internets, Where to Begin?

Hello! It's been so long but I MUST get back in the swing. MUST. The school year hit like a whirlwind with night after night after afternoon after afternoon of activity and I need to get my act together for dinners. There are so many stories to share from the summer, and the recipes tried, to the start of the school year...

Where to begin? With the Hot Wheels in the water filter? The wedding shower today that included the phrases, "No one told me my teeth weren't in" and "I love the way the flash makes our tattoos look like they are blazing"? The FIVE projects due for kindergarten tomorrow? Never mind. We'll get on with the week.

Oh--one last thing I should mention first--Joslyn of Simple Lovely is hosting a cooking group on her second blog, Raising Foodies. The original idea was to concentrate on a new recipe focused on one ingredient or style of cooking per week that we would try to see if our kiddos would enjoy. That morphed in to the perhaps more realistic "try one new recipe this week and let us know how the kids reacted" structure. And that's where we are now. I, however, always need a little more structure than that so I am sort of combining the two. Results go up on Tuesday; click here for more info if you are interested.

With that in mind, since I've done nothing even remotely foodie in a long time:

Monday: foodie vegetarian attempt: chickpea currry, with thanks to The Accidental Hausfrau for the idea. Brown or basmati rice, salad.

Tuesday: Kelly's dinner post from the Kelly's Korner "show us your life/what's for dinner" carnival. While cooking that, I'll roast the beets coming in our CSA box.

Wednesday: We'll see. We might have company for dinner, in which case I won't be trying something new like this on them. Otherwise, inspired by the Tipsy Baker's cook(book)-off between Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless, I'll be trying the Bayless tinga with modifications (such as, I cannot eat peppers, which will dramatically alter the dish, but there it is). With this I will make tacos for backup.

Thursday: Leftovers. If no leftovers (doubtful but possible), I've been yearning for Rachael Ray's Tagine-Style chicken.

Friday: Football game--we'll eat there. Woohoo!

And the weekend will take care of itself, I hope.

Next week: summer experiment reviews. There were some real winners but I'm not up to posting them tonight. If you want more menu ideas, go see OrgJunkie and her amazing followers' lists!

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Mom24 said...

I'm having the hardest time getting back in the swing of meal planning.

Glad you have a plan, I know it makes the week go so much smoother.