Saturday, September 26, 2009

90 Days and Counting...

I am still blinking in disbelief at the start of the school year, so when I realized I missed my own traditional noting of 100 days to Christmas, I was floored.

Fortunately, someone else was paying attention--the folks over at ListPlanIt and the 100 Days to Christmas countdown blog.

I'm a survivor of the Holiday Grand Plans that start in August and involve redecorating the entire home while canning 100 jars of jelly as stocking stuffers. I still check in on those (because let's face it, my house could use an intense 16 week cleanout/upgrade) but found the 100-days blog last year to be much more realistic for the way I live/clean/decorate/work.

Already we're down to 90 days to go. Thanks to HG (hi HG!), I had already started trolling the web (and ahem, the basement, with stuff I never wrapped last year--I way overshopped in '08) for the kids' gifts. Thanks to my husband's family's goofy tradition (theme gifts, $50, identical or close-to-the-same for each family, all of which are different sizes and ages) I've been fretting over the theme this year since, oh, Dec. 25 last year. Our theme last year was "Have a Green Christmas"--water bottles, canvas bags, etc.; others included local food, or, my favorites, "As Seen on TV" (upside-down tomato grower, aqua globes, ShamWows, etc.--so clever) and "Words to Live By"--family mottoes (as perceived by the giver) on some lovely art. I'm 99% sure I know what we're doing this year...not creative but would be welcomed by all. So I should probably just get going on making it actually happen at this point.

Have you started thinking about holiday plans yet? What's your tipoff that it's time to start? The Sally Foster wrapping paper sales? Halloween? Thanksgiving? December 20?

And just to keep things honest, and admit that perhaps I am not the best advertisement for the effectiveness of this site: the last week's posts were all about planning the Christmas card list. My 2008 Christmas cards were meticulously planned. Ordered. Arrived on time. And still sit in a basket, complete with stamps, ready to be mailed. Maybe I'll be first out of the blocks this year instead. Hey, if you didn't see our photo from last year, it's new to you, right?!

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Mom24 said...

We're kindred spirits. I do things like that with my cards every year. I've given up thinking it will ever be any different. :-)

I've started planning for Christmas. I'm keeping a list of ideas for people as I think of them, and I have bought a few gifts. There are some years I'd be done by now.