Friday, September 18, 2009


They're back! I missed a few I think but hey, it was summer. Getting back in the swing here...

What color is your refrigerator?

White. Fine with me. Even if I didn't have kids, I could never keep stainless clean.

What kind of toaster do you have?

Classic Sunbeam but to my enormous surprise, I've been converted to toasting in the toaster oven. We have the fancy-schmancy Cuisinart one that does everything from toast bread and bagels to roasting beets and baking cookie bars.

Do you use a tablecloth? When - always, when eating, etc. Not since the older boy was about 18 months old and started pulling them off the table for fun and excitement. He's almost 6 and not over it, I'm sorry to say. I can't wait to start using them again but they are off my table for the foreseeable future.

One tablecloth we do try to use: I read somewhere about a family that had everyone sign the tablecloth at their place (kind of instead of placecards, or like reverse placecards) on holiday dinners. We started doing that with a rainbow of Sharpies and a new, cheapish cream colored tablecloth bought for the occasion. Now we love looking back at how the cousins signed when they were little, or seeing the names of loved ones who aren't with us anymore. I'm thrilled we have it and love using it, even if it's for a buffet.

Do you use paper or cloth napkins?

Oh, one of my big green failures. We try to use cloth. Really I do. But I always write a note on my son's napkin for school, so I need paper for that. And once they are in the house they seem to migrate to the table.

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Charla said...

That is such an awesome idea about having a tablecloth for family to write on. What special memories!

Mom24 said...


I think stainless is so over-rated. I think it's one of those things that's supposed to be better so then everyone wanted it.

I'd love to use fabric napkins, but sadly, don't. :-)

I've never toasted in the toaster oven. I'll have to try that sometime.

I love your tablecloth idea. Maybe I'll start that tradition this year.

Lora said...

that table cloth idea is amazing!
I was at Target yesterday and looked for something that would work, but of course not. I will find something by the holidays though!

Karen said...

That writing on the table cloth thing is amazing! You should send that in to Taste of Home magazine or something.