Sunday, July 5, 2009

MPM--Eating Down the Fridge, Still

Hello Menu Planners!

We got through the steroids last week, and overall followed the plan (with one exception--the Jersey corn came in so I threw out one day and we had BLTs and corn--yum!). You'll see some leftover for this week...

Monday: Spring-y Noodles. We didn't make it last week when the corn came in but I still have most of the veggies.

Tuesday: Ball game!

Wednesday: We are probably going out (if I can find a babysitter); otherwise, leftovers, including black bean burgers for the grownups and hot dogs for the kids.

Thursday: freezer meal. So many choices, but I think the Trader Joe's stuffed chicken breasts will be the winners, complemented by CSA vegetables (yay, more beets coming!).

Friday: My poor little guy, every single time he wishes on an eyelash, wishes to go to his favorite pizza place for "lots and lots of pizza." While he is hardly suffering for lack of pizza, it's as good a weekend as any to indulge him.

I did go to the grocery store today, but we were out of things like soap and shaving cream, so that was a pretty hefty amount of what we bought. The only actual purchase for this menu that I made today was hot dog and hamburger rolls. Granted, we're out a lot this week (I hope) but still. I'm enjoying keeping up the minimum shopping!

Happy week everyone!


The Accidental Hausfrau said...

I'm so hoping my produce connection can harvest his corn this week *sigh* - hope you get out Wednesday.

Domestic Goddess said...

I roasted the beets for the first time ever.


I'm stealing any and all leftover beets, I swear it.