Friday, July 17, 2009


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#1. TheSaladCaper’s question. Give me one weird food combination which has always been your comfort food.

Now I want to see what TheSaladCaper comes up with! I don't know how weird it is but pretzels and milk take me back to after-school snacks.

#2. Name a food that begins with B.

Beets. Yum!

#3. Name a drink that begins with B.

Does a sea breeze count? I don't even know what's in that anymore. So sad.

#4. Share a recipe for something that calls for broccoli.

Our favorite way to make broccoli is also the easiest: chop in to florets; place in microwave safe bowl. Drizzle olive oil on and sprinkle some pepper (or grill seasoning). Cover bowl. Microwave to desired consistency. Though I have to admit: this broccoli slaw recipe from Smitten Kitchen has been calling my name since she posted it!


shopannies said...

love broccoli plain with butter as well

Anonymous said...

Broccoli slaw - my aha moment of the day, I couldn't figue out if I had imagined it or not!

Stacie said...

LOL Sea Breeze that's an alcoholic drink. We must be on the same wavelength. hehehe