Sunday, July 26, 2009


VALMG is going on hiatus, so this'll be the last for a along if you want!

1. What’s your favorite flavor of Italian Ice?

Lemon, hands down, though I do enjoy mango, cherry, and root beer.

2. Watermelon. So you prefer seeded or seedless?

Seedless, though I can see the appeal of the old school black seeds.

3. Ice cream. Do you prefer soft serve or hard?

I prefer the regular scoopable kind, though I have never said no to a "custard." (Which is what we call soft-serve down the shore where it tastes best!)

4. Ice pops. What kind is your favorite?

I can't taste the difference! But my favorite popsicle-type thing is the Haagen-Daaz raspberry sorbet around the vanilla 100-calorie amazing treat things. Alas, they have disappeared from my markets around here except for the single servings at $2.90 a pop! Can't quite bring myself there.

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Karen said...

I am going to have to try an Italian Ice! What on earth are they?