Friday, June 26, 2009


Ack! For some reason, my prescheduled post options are not working's my FFOF, backdated!

Happy Friday folks! Fun questions this on the button on my sidebar to play!

#1. Clair’s question. What’s the biggest kitchen blunder you’ve made?

Oh, that would be the pound cake. The first big family event we were in charge of dessert, we decided to try a pound cake with berries and ice cream. The pound cake might as well have been a building brick, it was so hard and inedible. We were in charge of ice and beer for years after that!

#2. What’s your favorite snow day beverage?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows from the bag.

#3. What’s your favorite way to eat celery?

Stuffed with cream cheese.

#4. What’s the most most unappealing looking food you can think of?

Oysters are no great shakes. Neither are snails. And I have always wondered who the first guy hungry enough to try a lobster was!

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