Friday, June 12, 2009


#1, Kelly’s question. What is your favorite memory associated with the smell of a certain food? As in, you smell it, close your eyes and are instantly drawn back to a magical moment in time….

Hmm, that depends. My mother used to bake mushrooms with butter and Jane's Crazy Salt and no one in my family likes them but me so that brings back memories. And when I was on the road for work for a long time, the whiff of cheesesteaks on a grill took me home right away!

#2. Name something red that is in your cabinets.

Well, I do have two kids under five, so ketchup comes to mind first. But that's just the extra bottle in the *cabinets.* Craisins count, right?

#3. Ice. Do you have an ice maker, use ice cube trays or buy by the bag?

Ice cube maker was a dealbreaker in the fridge for me. Once I had one, I couldn't go back.

#4. Pepper. What kind do you use most often? Is it in a grinder or a shaker?

The little glass grinder that they sell in the spice aisle is my new obsession. It has the right level of coarseness that I found elusive in my other grinders.

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brandy101 said...

isn't the icemaker on the fridge the BEST?!?!

I could never go back, now.

Lora said...

the McCormack's grinder? It's the best.

Ever try the McC's Italian Seasoning Grinder? It's the best too

That's my secret ingredient for EVERYTHING