Sunday, May 3, 2009

MPM--May Day! May Day!

In other words, help. Spring has sprung and I have other things to do besides cook this week. We're hosting an intimate gathering of 20 for Mothers' Day and my house is Just Plain Not Ready. So we have all quick and easy meals this week, I hope, so I can spend the rest of my time getting the house under control.

Sunday: crockpot pork roast, mashed potatoes (day ahead recipe but eaten same day, here's hoping they are equally out-of-this-world), asparagus

Monday: Leftover pork in sandwiches, either bbq or not, roasted sweet potatoes, salad

Tuesday: "Fiesta de Mayo!" as my son's school calls it. Either tacos or burritos, naturally. I might go crazy and get a margarita mix for fun. Woo-hoo! And if there's any pork leftover...carnitas!

Wednesday: Freezer Meal. Chili I made in the crockpot in January, plus rice and things for on top.

Thursday: Freezer Meal. Trader Joe's flatbreads and pastas.

Friday: Rachael Ray Spinach-Hazelnut Pesto. See if that gets some new green in to the little guy.

Last week, there weren't many new things...I tried this chicken casserole on Wednesday for dinner with my father-in-law before the Arts Awards Assembly at the high school for our nephew. It was good but ... lacking something. I can't tell you what but there was no edge to it ... AND there should only have been one can of soup, for sure. I should have totally listened to my instincts on that one. Two was just too gloppy. But it did a great job using up the extra rice in the fridge and is a decent little base. And oh my--chicken cooked in butter? That's not shabby. I'll have to remember that. I kept the heat on the low side so the butter didn't overbrown, and it didn't take too long either. The chicken didn't brown, but it was definitely white and cooked through--almost looked poached, so would be good in a recipe where you can see the chicken meat too.

For more ideas and more inspired meal plans, check out Menu Planning Monday at I Am an Organizing Junkie!


Alaina said...

Hey...I just saw your comment on MPM and wanted to let you know I posted a "One roast, three meals for this week." Thought you might like it.

Great menu, by the way!

Lisa said...

Oh no, you too got sucked into that chicken casserole recipe? It's terrible, isn't it? One of my favorite chicken recipes is one you can do with either cut-up fryer pieces or boneless ... whatever you like. Melt butter, dip chicken, then dip in a ziploc baggies filled with crushed up cornflakes. (I crush the cornflakes with a rolling pin, then add a bunch of herbs and spices like sesame seeds, s&p, paprika, cayenne, etc). You can put extra crispies on the chicken and drizzle the extra butter too. Bake at 350 for 30-40 mins (boneless) or 45-60 for bone-in.

Totally delicious. I promise. .... babspeapod

MemeGRL said...

Thanks to both Alaina and Lisa for the great suggestions! Look for Alaina's next week and Lisa's soon after--my kids were on a cornflakes jag and then suddenly--off again, leaving me with cornflakes a-go-go! This sounds like a great use of the cereal and the chicken!