Friday, May 29, 2009


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#1. Anele’s question. Do you have a natural ability to cook or do you feel you just “get by?”

Oh, I so just get by. I wish I could develop something resembling natural ability but nothing yet and it's been years.

#2. Why do you buy the size eggs that you buy?

Since I've been baking more, I stick with large since XL can really throw off a recipe, as it turns out. But more than size, I try to look for cage-free eggs or buy them from a farmer whose farm I've visited.

#3. Do you have any cooking “rules”?

My instinct is "not really" but I'm sure my husband would laugh at that. One, I suppose, is that I don't fry in my kitchen. I'm just petrified of the oil exploding in flames.

#4. Fresh corn. Yellow, white or bicolored?

New Jersey Silver Queen but I'll eat 'em all! And I can't wait. I keep driving by the (few, small) cornfields around here and getting sad that they are plowed and not actually growing anything yet.


beastmomma said...

I totally agree with you on number two.

corrin said...

Now that you say it, we never fry anything in our house, either. Too messy and stinky.