Sunday, December 28, 2008

MPM--Ho Ho Ho

Happy post-holiday daze, everyone! I hope your holidays were lovely. And while on the one hand I am not looking forward to cooking dinners again this week, it's broken up by still more happy family occasions and a few more opportunities to create food for small gatherings of 32 family members so I really have another week's reprieve!

Last week went well, though my seven fishes fell to five, and I think will disappear entirely next year. Too much hassle for too little interest from everyone else in the family! The carrot mousse was well-received and the macaroni and cheese was gone before people went back for seconds. Boxing Day was mostly spaghetti and gravy (red sauce) with sausage and the traditional KFC.

And my presents had a theme this year: the new version of my favorite cookbook ever, How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, and The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper, which already has a bunch of things bookmarked. And, to go with them, an immersion blender! I'm very excited. Now i just need to get the kids to eat soup and I'm golden.

This week:

Monday: Tacos (yep, again), rice and beans on the side.

Tuesday: Forever Family Day! Yes, our delightful niece's adoption will be finalized today, and we are all going to go celebrate with her and her parents. Cheesesteaks and stromboli all around. I'll probably bring the hot pizza dip or maybe a salad.

Wednesday: We're ringing out 2008 with dear friends who have had a tough year and are hosting a party with a countdown to 7 for the kids. We're all over it. Have to figure out what to bring...probably dessert as my husband will be working and we won't get there for most of the food.

Thursday: Happy New Year! It's my father-in-law's birthday, so One! More! Time! with the whole family to celebrate (and we'll wrap in the nephew's 16th birthday too). I'll bring macaroni and cheese again for that and maybe a crockpot pork roast since the sister in law who is hosting loathes any pig product, but you have to have pork for luck for the new year.

Friday: The one fish we never got to was the salmon, which went funky in the fridge, alas. But since I have all I need to make my favorite salmon sauce, so we'll probably go for that on Friday. But of course, my youngest is begging to go to our favorite pizza place so that might win instead. We'll see how it goes. If we stay home, I'm definitely making the scallion and asparagus dish from the Splendid Table cookbook. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great week, everyone, and happy 2009! Make yourself some happy, inspirational resolutions! Ours is to return to a new restaurant a month in 2009! If I get inspired by any dishes there, I'll let you know.


Shelley said...

Forever Family Day is one of our little man's all-time favorites.

And he drinks this soup right up, if that's any help.

Finally got some holiday pics up on the blog, but burned a pot of dinner while doing so (turned off the timer but forgot to turn down the flame, DOH.)

Made pumpkin bread in order to get the house smelling nice again. Mmmm!

Shan said...

Sounds like your week is full!

brandy101 said...

So...what is your fave pizza place?

And where do you get your cheese-steaks?

My daughter is bummed because she was hoping to try a cheese-steak while we were there. I guess it will have to wait for summer.

I had some honeybaked ham at a party on Christmas eve, so I ordered their tiniest one for us for NYE, the plan it to use leftovers for a really easy breakfast casserole, then cook up the bone for split pea soup. So I plan at least 3 meals from a 1/4 ham.

Can you re-run the hot pizza dip recipe? Thanks!