Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trying to Get Back on the Horse--MPM

This computer issue has been a total drag. I really need to just cowboy up and call somebody to fix it and stop trying to do it myself.

May has turned in to quite the season...not only is our 11th grade nephew going to the junior prom...our 9th grade nephew is going to the senior prom! (Different school district, but close enough...) Lawn chairs and cameras to the ready, folks!

Meanwhile, fruit smoothies and cucumbers rule the day here. My little one is finally eating things from the earth that are not starches again. We bought baby cukes at Trader Joe's and he's obsessed. Hooray!

Monday: Mother's Day leftovers (quiche and hamburgers), risotto to tie together

Tuesday: Baked chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, salad

Wednesday: Something with spinach and portobello mushrooms from the CSA this week; asparagus and lentil side dish (will let you know how that goes)

Thursday: Freezer clear-out a go-go; frozen veggie medley, frozen stuffed chicken breast, frozen pork chop, and whatever is fresh from the new CSA box to round it out. (This day, btw, is a big fast food giveaway iced coffee at Dunk*n D*nuts from 10 to 10, and free chicken "southern style" sandwiches (breakfast and lunch/dinner) at the g*lden arch*s with purchase of a drink. Not sure if I appreciate the flexing on Ch*k-Fil-A but a free lunch is a free lunch. And nothing at all wrong with an iced coffee...unless my little one gets to it first.

Friday: More freezer clearing; probably chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, and whatever is from the CSA box for a green thing. We're also going to a friend's house for movie night so it might depend on that, too. We're flexible!

Saturday is prom night; we torture the kids by inviting the entire 20-person family to come have a barbeque or pizza dinner and stage endless photos of the kids in their finery. It's a hoot. And Sunday we're hoping to go to a minor league ball game.


brandy101 said...

I'm also doing my menu planning these days around that CSA box. I have Bok Choy (alas, not BABY bok choy) that I have to use tonight. Going to try a sautee of bok choy, red pepper, garlic, ginger and soy sauce. I'll either serve w. chicken or smoked pork chops...I'm thinking to stick with an "Asian" theme and marinade chicken in a ginger-sesame dressing and then grill it...

Oh, and I blanched and froze a bunch of CSA veggies I didn't think I'd get to use - broccoli and (chopped) kale - and it should be great later when I need it!

Mommychicky said...

What, only portabellas and spinach from the CSA? That shouldn't be too bad to do something. Not like it's bushels of kale (yet!)

Anjali said...

Can I come over Wednesday night? Sounds yummy!

Kelly said...

i just emailed you a recipe for your spinach and mushroom dinner.

Motherhood101aplus said...

Sounds like a good week even if part of it is freezer clean out. Have fun at the baseball game.