Sunday, May 18, 2008

MPM, just for fun

Happy Monday (or late late Sunday)!

May is all but whisking itself on out of here. I am wearing the crepe mourning clothes as Thursday is the last day of school for my older son, bringing summer to a superfast start. Happily, my aunt and a cousin from CA are coming out a week later so we will have some happy distractions that will take us all the way in to June. Leaving us only four months until October when the Shortest Preschool Ever resumes.

Monday: leftover Indian takeout. Yum. Raita on all, with Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta, and Lamb Biriyani. Alas, I discovered I like Trader Joe's nan (bread) better than the Indian restaurant's. (That's ok. TJ's is cheaper.)

Tuesday: More leftovers. By the end of the week I had had it with freezer cleanout so tried a recipe from the paper. It was fine and my husband enjoyed it; worth keeping as an easy thing to make when I feel like beef. Also of course baked some chicken breasts as the kids are on a no-beef-unless-it's-a-hamburger kick (which is fine with me). I will augment with a recipe from Country Mouse/City Mouse that looks awesome for my CSA box haul of spinach and portobello mushrooms. Yum.

Wednesday: Found some chicken breasts in freezer so probably trying the Robin Miller curry/coconut milk recipe since I'm still on a curry kick. (And no, I am definitely not pregnant for those who are wondering.) This might change, though, as it's the spring concert this night and we may end up with grandparents over for dinner. In which case I'm hosed as I only know how to cook for two grownups except for things I've already made for them. Multiple times.

Thursday: Just found out there's a Moms Night Out--woohoo!--but I'll still have to make something for the rest of the family. Probably spaghetti & meatballs. Lots of those still in the freezer. And really, while the weather is this cool (50s in May?!) might as well take advantage. Big steaming bowls of spaghetti with red sauce aren't nearly as compelling in summer.

Friday: My poor younger one has been begging to go to his favorite pizza place "as a family" for weeks, ever since a dead cell phone battery kept his dad from meeting us there one Friday. So I think we'll do that for him. (Oh, yes. For HIM. Because a family pizza night does nothing for me, of course.)

And then it's Memorial Day weekend! Yay! Oh, wait, that means the pool opens. That happened fast. Huh. It also means most of the weekend at family events and parties so that's always fun. Lots to look forward to as ever--hope you feel the same!

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brandy101 said...

Are you talking about the frozen NAN from tj's? that stuff is AMAZING!!!

During lent, I made the TJ's frozen Biryani rice dish (microwaveable!), the nan, and used their yellow curry sauce in the crockpot with assorted veggies like green beans, peas, baby carrots and peeled, cut-up potatoes.


Although, that curry sauce is awesome and easy in the crockpot with frozen chicken breasts or chicken tenderloins.

And, lucky us, our TJ's sell WINE. Yummy yet inexpensive wine.

I think the whole state store system has sealed the deal in me never becoming a PA resident again.

Have a great week!