Sunday, May 18, 2008

Malaria No More

For those who saw Only Me's comment to my Bite Back post, I thought her point was a good one. Since I am Christian, though not an especially pushy one, I tend to assume most Christian groups think as I do, and I am quite probably incorrect. (I appear to be out of step with my own church, let alone the global Christianity.)

So then I actually got to read the New York Times last weekend and read this great column by Nicholas Kristof, whose angsty anger about extremely awful situations in the world never fails to inspire me. Of course, as a recovering admissions officer, anything about kids in high school doing things that might "look good for college" is of interest to me, but this one resonated even more.

And, it pointed me to Malaria No More, a non-denominational group running a very similar campaign, where for a $10 donation, you can provide bed netting in a malaria prone region. No God-talk necessary. To donate, you can go here; to learn more about the group, you can go here.


Anjali said...

Oh, wonderful about Malaria No More. I'm happy to donate there. Only Me's point is a good one, and one I totally agree with, despite being Christian myself.

only me said...

Yipee!!! And good for you! Apparently I was just not looking hard enough.

SO glad I will not have to start this organization myself. I am swamped.

They have already happily accepted my $10.