Monday, September 10, 2007

Two (Not Entirely) Unrelated Items

Menu Planning Monday
Here we are at Monday again!
Monday: (leftover) grilled filets (on sale at Colonial Village), broccoli, radish salad, corn on the cob
Tuesday: slow cooker pork roast, roasted carrots, skillet potatoes (new recipe; I'll post if I like it)
Wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches (from the remains of the roast), quinoa pilaf, baked tomatoes or tomato/mozzarella salad
Thursday: spaghetti
Friday: freezer meal (either something from Dream Dinners, or Trader Joe's or Outback breaded chicken cutlets, whatever veggies came in the box, leftovers in general)

And, for those of you keeping track at home, this completes Son 1's first full week in underpants. Praise the Lord. Still having some, um, #2 issues (that would be potty #2, not son #2) but the transition is just about complete. Now let's see if going back to work completely backtracks him or not. Ugh. My timing is lousy.

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Anjali said...

Yea for Son #1! And yea for a delicious week of dinners! And yea for going back to work!