Monday, September 17, 2007

MemeGRL Life Updates

1) I got a job! I am working 2 days a week at my alma mater, advising some of the honors students. Yes, anyone who knew me in college is aware of the rich, deep well of irony here. It's a temporary (I mean, interim) position, but that's just right for us for right now. Sadly, and also ironically, it means that our older son won't go to any of the preschools I've been fretting about all summer, but an in-home day care with his brother 2-3 days a week instead. I am regretful about this (though not the care situation, which is great), as I adored the new school option, and I fear the director will be too angry to let in the younger one when the time comes, and I won't really blame her. But I needed to go back to work for my own sanity. And so far it's working. When my email and voicemail get up and running this week, though, I might be singing a different tune on the "sanity" front. I have a LOT to learn.

2) Son 1 appears to be just about potty trained. He even has just about mastered "away games" (ie, potties outside the house, especially public ones). And, might I add, whoever invented those chairs that strap eager toddlers to the wall of the bathroom--Genius. Totally deserving of a MacArthur award, or some thing from Grateful Parents Everywhere that is an equivalent. They will share it with the person who creates the GPS map of every bathroom that has them so I can go patronize their stores and allow my kids to tinkle without fear.

3) The Phillies just swept the Mets AGAIN! Thank goodness, for between Notre Dame's calamitous (if unsurprising) loss and the Quaker Heartbreaker (who loses a football game 8-7 with just seconds to go??? How is that even mathematically possible?) it would have been a grim sports weekend here indeed without that. Watch this space for more haiku soon, with special guest poet hubby and friends, written before the ND-Michigan game. Oh, and mine too, on simplicity. But theirs are infinitely better and way, way, way funnier.


Anjali said...

Yea for the job! Yea for the potty-training! Yea for the Phillies!

Mommahbear. said...

Every single public washroom should have one of those chairs!! Hallelujia!

Lauren said...

I think it's so fantastic that you got that job. It sounds like a plum.