Friday, September 14, 2007

In Memory

One of the links on my site is to the Wilhoite Prayer Blog, also known as Living with Leukemia. Amy Wilhoite, a 25 year old mom of a less than 2 year old boy, was diagnosed with leukemia last year. She kept in touch with friends and family through her blog, and made new friends and family along the way. A devout Christian, she provided a window in to another way of spirituality and life for me.
On Monday, she lost the battle, one month after this beautiful picture was posted.
I'll be joining her family in prayer if not in person this weekend, remembering a life that touched so many others, including dozens that she never met in person. And I'll be hugging my boys a little tighter and saying yes to a few more things, in gratitude that I can.

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KELLY said...

It's situations like these that should make us gratfeul for what we do have, but even more thankful for what we don't have.