Monday, May 21, 2007

Menu Planning Monday

Last week was rife with eating out opportunities.
But woe is us this week: our new refrigerator arrived and it feels much smaller than our other one. (The cabinets in our kitchen were built exactly to the old one's measurements and of course, they don't make any that exact size anymore. So to get a bigger fridge--or even one with the same cubic feet--would have meant a kitchen re-do...not in the budget!)
So this week involves Finishing Everything That Is Taking Up Space in the Fridge.
Every meal will be served with iced tea from the two gallons we have.

Lunch: noodles with red sauce for boys, salad and sweet potato for me
Dinner: filet mignons on the grill (didn't say this was all bad!); pea, radish & feta salad; corn, tomato, and cucumber salad; and stir fry of bok choy, mushrooms, scallions, and celery

Lunch: frozen pizza shells with red sauce & mozzarella, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes for boys, salad and baked potato for me
Dinner: noodles with 2 kinds of pesto, green salad

Lunch: yogurt, berries, and leftover noodles or crackers
Dinner: ham, potato salad, green salad, some frozen veggie (my father in law is coming and I don't know what he likes)

Lunch: probably out to celebrate last day of school for Son #1
Dinner: beef stroganoff, salad, whatever is in the CSA veggie box

Whatever leftovers we can rustle out of the fridge before the family Memorial Day extravaganza begins!

And in between there we'll be drinking a lot of iced tea, lemonade, and other random liquids that seem to have accumulated in our fridge!

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Lauren said...

I actually think small fridges are a GOOD thing. You can see everything more easily, and have less food in there to rot.

I keep all CSA veggies in the top crisper, and nothing else, and try to serve one veggie a day. I know the bok choy will be the last, so we'll have that in a stir fry on Wed.