Monday, May 14, 2007

Menu Planning Monday

Wow, two weeks in to this and I'm already "behind." I actually did plan last week's meals and it was fabulous; "too many" leftovers if there is such a thing but that just gave me some good Aid For Friends meals and some yummy lunches and salad toss-ins.

This week:
Monday--out for graduation dinner
Tuesday--out with friends visiting from Tennessee
Wednesday--out for surprise-to-him date with hubby (planned, alas, before all these other goofy things came up)
Thursday--spaghetti and meatballs (I know, you'd think I could do better with all these nights out but the boys do, in fact, expire without their noodle meal)
Friday--out at minor leage baseball game with preschool
Saturday--chicken breasts--grilled if nice, baked if not, with broccoli and rice
Sunday--salmon, grilled or baked, and veggies from the CSA (yay!)

I'm so excited for the CSA to start again. Lots of lettuce this week; woohoo! Maybe we'll luck out and get some rhubarb too.

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