Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Week of School Already?!

One hundred seventy five days down, five to go. My younger son would like to add a smiley face to the title. He can do that on his blog. :)

Last week was the big one--lots of parties, lots of end of year events. This one is a slow crawl to the finish, with our last four regular days of this school year. It was a good one, with a not-too-crazy schedule, some real growth all around for the family, and a good time to end.

Monday: Oh, did I mention the baseball team is still in the playoffs? They are, so this has to be a quick one. Steak, spinach, potatoes.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday rides again.

Wednesday: Pizza night replaces spaghetti night. Someone who used to be a ref for my husband's soccer league is running for mayor of his new city (and it's one you've heard of). He's having an event in our town, where he grew up, and we're going.

Thursday: Veggie pickup day--woohoo! We are in a new CSA and while I very much miss my former site hostess, this is a better match for our family's eating patterns. So, salad, and either Monday leftovers or freezer cleanout.

Friday: Since the young one is here, he is suggesting spaghetti night replacing pizza night and so he's going to win this one. Spaghetti, meatballs from the freezer, and a big celebration of the end of the year.

Have a good week! See you on the other side of summer.

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Mom24 said...

Happy summer! Definitely my most favorite time of the year. Hope yours is lovely.

How is it that we go 180 days but have been out for so long?? You must have a lot of days off during the year we miss. I'll take it. I'm with your boy, smiley faces all around. :)