Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Must be the rocket ride to the end of the year here. It's a crazy week--next week actually looks better but this is the End of Everything week. Ok, that sounds a little apocalyptic but really--just a ton of stuff finishing up here.

Monday--swim team tryouts (he made it! but elected the "jv" squad to work on his strokes more--I thought it was a great decision and was very proud that he made the team, tried the practice, and then resisted the temptation to stay in a level that was a little too advanced for him--really an exhilarating mom night, so I can only imagine how he felt). Tacos after practice, and after throwing a ton of fruit at them after school.

Tuesday--"graduation" night for the kids in the language program so a special French-Spanish-Chinese buffet at school. We're bringing lemonade and pico de gallo and chips. It's all I have in me because tomorrow is the third grade carnival and I am having a nervous breakdown about that.

Wednesday--Apres-carnival pasta, and collapsing in a heap.

Thursday--birthday party for the 3 year old cousin

Friday--graduation! Wahoo! I will pick up a pizza and we will eat it at the stadium. So, so excited and so sad at the same time.

That brings us to another fun filled weekend...see you then!

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