Monday, May 6, 2013

Deep Breaths

Ok, things are getting a little better around here. I am outing myself as having completely, totally, absolutely fallen down on a big job I really wanted to do well on, but for whatever reason, I just didn't have it in me. I am mystified by this but what's done is done (and what isn't done, isn't done) and I need to just move on. Fortunately it was for neither work nor family, so what's most important is still intact, but it feels crummy.

Meanwhile, at least it's an ending. Work events continue to come along at a blistering pace, as do school events. And the car needs a new timing belt. (Longtime readers with outstanding memories will remember that the timing belt killed my last car, so car repair shops know they can get lots of moolah out of me by telling me it's time for a timing belt.) So it's a strange one this week, but we'll see how it goes...

On the food front, we had a Sonic open near us. I don't quite get it but it was wildly popular.

The May Weeks of Crazy continue...

Monday: Recuperate from big work event on Sunday. Broiled steak. Side of leftover veggies.

Tuesday: No clue. Could be baseball, could be Lego build. Regardless, I will make tacos and we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday: Unsurprisingly, I did not make the avocado sauce last week (though I had the ingredients I realized my husband wouldn't be home before it browned and after I can eat without feeling sick in the night). This week, I'm not even pretending. There was a sale on Rao's and so back to my favorite.

Thursday: A fun day: the first grade Hootenany is in the morning, so I'm working from home and have some time to cook. That doesn't always inspire me but we'll see. However, I do have three chicken breasts ready to go so that might work too.

Friday: No baseball (but wait 'til next week) so I will probably just pick up a pizza again. There are worse eating patterns.

Next week is the last week of the complete crazy with two work events on Monday and Tuesday, both of which are, of course, nights when we have baseball games. Such a bummer--so many nights with none and then two of the last three games are on these totally unmissable nights. But, that's how life goes, and with a job that lets me chaperone the zoo and make the Hootenany and be at the class parties--two baseball games is not a tragedy by any stretch of the imagination.

Wishing you a good week full of things and people you love that don't stress you out!


Tracey B-C said...

Last week was my crazy week. I caught a case of over-volunteer-itis. Today, I did a few things....but crashed myself. You are wise to focus on the fact that the important stuff is intact. I need a dose of that.

I cannot wait to go hit the new sonic. It's SO going to happen. I need some poppers and maybe a grilled patty melt.

Mom24 said...

I empathize. I totally crashed on a big project I'd volunteered for a few years ago, I still feel the shame. I don't even know what happened exactly, just a confluence of factors and it didn't come together. Nothing I could do about it, so I just had to move forward, apologize, and try to live with how I felt. I still haven't volunteered for anything with that group again, too much shame.

Hope the work events go well. You sound great about the work/home balance, hope you feel good about it too, I know no matter how much perspective you have it can still feel hard to miss the games.

Good luck with the car. I hate car repairs! I live in fear of how old/how many miles Mark's car has.

Hope it's a good, albeit busy, week.