Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break!

Woo! I am still education nerd enough that spring break makes me excited and uneasy at the same time!  I always feel like I should be heading off somewhere like the cool kids but really--I'm a homebody at heart, and so are my kids. Happily, we live in an area with enough to do that we can be tourists without going far. But it does mean that meals will be loosey-goosey for the week.

Monday: leftover pork from last week (yum)--my husband, best dad ever, turned the "I don't think I like pork" whining into AwesomeSauceFest--he got out everything saucelike in the fridge and had a dipping contest. Even Mr. Picky loved the sriracha and was bragging that he didn't take any milk after a big bite of it. I do not get this boy. A vegetable=poison, but hot chili sauce? Bring it.

Tuesday: Duh.

Wednesday: I am loving this new anchor night. Noodles, please.

Thursday: Holy Thursday. Not sure what we'll do here. The semi-Seder is a decent plan but only my husband likes lamb-qua-lamb so maybe Indian? Palak paneer for bitter herbs and lamb biriyani? We'll see. That might be pushing it even more than nachos and zeppoli.

Friday: Good Friday. So, not much.

Saturday: pick up the ham and try not to pick at the ham. We also have a neighborhood egg hunt. I know I'm bringing water and ... I'm sure I'm going to get something else but I am not sure what.

Then it's Easter, and brunch with the family. Wishing you a wonderful break, if you are having it, and a lovely week either way!

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