Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Sure How the Pageviews Are Going Up...

But I wish any of you coming to the site good luck and know I bear you no ill will.

Hi again, and welcome to my stripped-down version of my meal planning.

Last week, I went hot and heavy in to my friend's blog, trying both her pad see ew and gyro recipes. I hope she posts some new stuff soon, because, yum. Pad see ew I talked about in the last post; as to the gyro: the chicken is prepared in a yogurt base, exactly like my all time favorite grill recipe. This has more oregano (makes sense) but otherwise--not a lot of difference. It was delicious and my only regret was not making a ton more. I will know better next time.

The gyros were only a moderate hit--as gyros. Only my husband ate them as an actual gyro; the rest had it deconstructed. The tzatziki was excellent and I will make more for just me, no gyro, this week. And I used the extra red onion to make the Smitten Kitchen pickled onions again, which really hit my food happy spot. My mouth waters just writing about them. So a qualified success, as long as you believe in the deconstructed meals version of success (and I do).

This week: I am tired and not doing much experimentation. Today I did a lot of cooking ahead. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday: London broil, asparagus, baked potatoes (sweet or Russet)

Monday: leftover buffet (pad see ew, steak from last week and maybe tonight), brussels sprouts, broccoli

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday. Hoping to use that bag of black beans with this slow cooker recipe. If it fails, no problem; beans from a can with the same taco spices I use for the meat totally works for me too.

Wednesday: Wednesday spaghetti, all by ourselves though.

Thursday: hoping to try a pinterest recipe: slow cooker root vegetable stew. It has zero chance of being popular in the house (soup; no meat; all veggies) but I am looking forward to trying it and I'm the one cooking. Plus, it will finish up a ton of stuff in my house that is on its way out one way or another.

Friday: A little unclear. Pizza night is not enjoyed as much in the no-pepperoni season, and the older one is getting his spacers for his braces this afternoon, so that makes it a challenge.

Also this week: Irish Soda Bread baking. Recipe is on the sidebar. Sigh. I'll see what I can do about pulling it off.

Meanwhile, my third of three grad classes ends this week; wish me luck, I have two papers to write and am totally freezing on them! Deep breaths...Have a great week! (PS--I'm no longer linking to Menu Planning Monday while my blog is point. Hoping I'll get back to it someday, but this is not that day!)

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Tracey B-C said...

You like my stuff!!!!!!!! If you liked those two....check out this week's Sunday dish...the Pork stew with oranges and cranberries. It is TO DIE FOR!!!!!