Sunday, February 24, 2013

MPM--The Longest Month

My husband went to school in Indiana, where he and his friends agreed: February, 28 days notwithstanding, is clearly the longest month. While I might not go that far, this one is a whirlwind, with big work things, finishing my (online) class, Valentine's Day, a wraparound four day holiday weekend...there's a lot going on.

Monday: trying the Korean short ribs, though we'll see how it goes (are we the last foodie household without sriracha?); rice; shredded carrots and iceberg salad with a ginger-miso dressing.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, bien sur.

Wednesday: Wednesday Spaghetti

Thursday: I'm in a soup and crockpot mode this month and this shrimp chowder fits the bill. Plus it's all in the house already (I think; I might need a second bag of corn), so what's better than that?

Friday: Pizza night, though this time at the Family Bingo Night at school. Hey, have to shake it up at least a little, right?

whoops, the malware hit before this went up. These were the terrific ribs. And No Kidding, February flew past. Shrimp chowder: trying again this week. (Guess what--my freezer frosted itself open again and ruined the shrimp. I'm learning. The freezer is being Freecycled in a week. Thanks again, friends.

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