Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Au Revoir, I Hope

Au revoir, for those of you who chose Spanish instead of French in high school, means, "Until we see each other again." I am posting this because I got a few anxious emails, which I appreciated, in my posting absence. It seems that two links or comments, somewhere in the depths of my blog, are infected with malware. I can identify them but I cannot find them. And while Blogger suggests "first, take down your blog" and I would happily comply, nowhere do they give instructions on how to do that without losing your content.

I have years of recipes and family stories on here. I can get to them by going in as the administrator, and have done so often. I might, at some point, try to scrub the malware off the site and resurrect the MemeGRL blog. But now is not that time.

I am on Pinterest, clumsily, as MemeGRL MemeGRL, and while I prefer blogging it's been a good place to store recipe links while I figure this out.

So if you read me in reader, or on a cellphone, and have access to my blog while I am on malware hiatus, thank you for reading. I loved doing the weekly menus and having the accountability to my small community here on the internet. And I am still menu planning and hoping to get this back up and running, but now is not the time, and the near future doesn't seem likely either.

If any of you know how to "take down" a blog and hunt for the malware, I would cheerfully and gratefully accept help. But as it is--I'm off for now. I have no interest in bringing you anything that might harm your computers.

For now, know that my family and I are fine; the crockpot Korean ribs were terrific, and I have loved sharing with you and look forward to doing so again.  Happy eating until I get this fixed!

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