Sunday, October 21, 2012

MPM--That Fast Forward Season Begins

I have been dragging my feet putting up the Halloween decorations. We always wait until after the Columbus Day birthday of the one boy, but we're well beyond that now and we took this gorgeous Sunday to deck out the house. But I felt very petulant about taking down the kindergarten apple tree projects to make way for pumpkins, but as I went through the attic, I realized why: This is it. For all my Christmas countdowns, this is the week where the holiday frenetic time begins.

That's not totally fair to fall; it is just really getting started here, as I only see red leaves out one window and all green and gold elsewhere. But sweeping the steps is a daily occurrence now, and pulling out those pumpkins that share space with the turkeys who are the harbingers of Christmas...that just made me take a deep breath and get serious. It's fun, the orange and black; and I love the crunch of the leaves and the long sleeved shirts and the snuggling under the blankets. But things are definitely moving right along, and I have to start moving with them.

On a fun fall note, the younger boy's football season ended this week and on the great note of him scoring a touchdown. We were thrilled for him--what a way to end the season. Now we're down to "just" soccer for the next few weeks before the brief holiday respite from soccer.

So, this week, back to eating down the freezer. And back to 70 degree temps, woohoo! It's the best, but not inspirational for some of the meals I'd like to be making. Too bad. We'll move on.

Monday: chicken with leeks from my freezer, mixed grains from TJ's.

Tuesday: Totally forgot the chimichangas last week, so tacos and chimichangas.

Wednesday: Hoping to make the whole crockpot chicken. Will let you know how that works out. Plus CSA veggies and we're good to go.

Thursday: I'm working this night so probably pesto quinoa for the boys and pesto noodles and leftovers for the dad

Friday: Football. Woo!

So last week's two hits were the pork with cider cream gravy (of course--that stuff is amazing, even with the crummy cider my store switched to) and the mixed grains with vegetables from Trader Joe's. My older son loved it and ate about half the bag. We made it the same way the store did, with coconut oil. It really is good, and since young Mr. Picky won't eat any of it, we could make do.

Have a great week, all, with happy meals and good fall nights to you! Try I'm an Organizing Junkie! for more meal plans!

PS--I lost a subscriber this week. I can't figure out who it was because I do this for fun more than profit (ha ha, profit), and having just purged my blog list myself, I totally get it and don't take it personally, but for those of you still here: Thanks. It's fun writing for you all.


Mom24 said...

Still here! Their loss. I do get it though, I've been purging a bit as well, it's easy to just spend too much time, isn't it?

I think I'm fighting Halloween a bit because the weather has been so warm here I feel like we've been cheated of fall a bit. September was a lot like summer, I'd like a do-over please. :)

So. not. ready. to think about the holidays. I guess for me, I need to get through Halloween, then Julianna's birthday (Nov 1), before I can even begin to think about it. Not how I usually am, but definitely how I'm feeling this year.

Have a good week and hope your boy had a great birthday!

Lilian said...

pesto quinoa? That sounds great, is it just cooked quinoa with pesto? I just bought the Costco pesto fort the first time last week, it's amazing!

I can't believe you lost ALL photos of your boys. I feel very blessed and grateful in comparison. One of these days someone told me that external hard-drives can crash too and that idea made me freak out 100%.

The jury is still out as to whether we've lost everything in our Dell. I hope not, obviously!! 'Thanks for your comment. I need to follow your example and "eat down" the freezer which, BTW, needs thawing (my deep freezer in the garage).