Sunday, October 28, 2012

MPM--Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Well, so here we are with an unexpected four day weekend. The crock pot is going and I'm about to brown the taco meat, figuring even with minimal refrigeration we can use those. They just cancelled school for the kids until Wednesday (Halloween! wooo!) so this is a bit of a wasted week educationally. Here's hoping we keep our electricity for a while though!

Meanwhile, I'm feeling very clever for having started eating down the freezer. With some more flatbreads out and some smoothies tonight, we are really close to empty, which is awesome if we lose power.

Monday: Jan's Italian Beef sandwiches, vegetables (though this recipe looks awesome for the next one)

Tuesday: if God is good, Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday: Depends on whether we have electricity and gas. Barbeque chip chicken from the freezer, hopefully, plus veggies. (My word, is my CSA done? I think it is. I'll have to shop again!)

Thursday: Wow, it's hard to plan without knowing whether we're camping or not. (By camping, of course, I mean "living well in our own home but without power." We'll vamp.

Friday: Oh, this I'm excited about. We're mentoring a student in our local high school and he asked us to accompany him on the field for Senior Recognition Night at the last football game. So we'll have dinner over at the middle school and kvell a bit about his senior season.

Have a good week, all. Stay safe. Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for other, less distracted ideas!

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Mom24 said...

Hoping you don't lose power. Hoping we don't lose power. :) I hate that! Good for you for getting your freezer down. Mine, of course, is newly stocked. (We're going to lose power, aren't we?)

What a wonderful honor for you and your hubby on Friday. Enjoy!

If you try the "other" beef recipe, let me know what you thought. I made it last week, I thought it was a no-brainer, but it didn't have much flavor. Honestly, I don't think it was the recipe, I think the beef I got was just flavorless, so I'm curious how yours will be. With all those ingredients, you'd think it would have to be wonderful, right?

Good luck this week. I'll be thinking of you.