Sunday, August 5, 2012

MPM--Sometimes the Math is Not Your Friend

Oh, August, you are such a tease.

My younger son was so excited for it to be August--he has several friends with August birthdays (ok, three are triplets, but still), and there was an August 1 playdate he was looking forward to. Then he asked, "When does school start?" and when I answered "September 4," his face crumpled in horror. "That's only...35 days away!" So much for the joy of August. And welcome to the joy of August! It all depends on your age.

Last week, we had a breakthrough with Mr. Picky on Taco Tuesday; I forgot to chop the onions for the tacos, and I had not a lot of extra stuff in the fridge, so when young Picky asked resignedly whether he was having cheese or chicken, the answer was "neither." And miracle of miracles, his father made him a taco with cheese and seasoned beef in a shell and he ate it. No sauce, no veggies, no matter. He ate cheese and beef in a shell. We all had the same dinner. I'll take it.

We also had a night when Mr. Picky was out with Dad, and my older one asked, "Can we try fish nuggets?" He loved them. I'm so happy. I love fish and if this is a gateway for him to white fish--I'm all in.

This week:

Monday: baseball! So I'm off the hook for the night.

Tuesday: Not messing with a good thing: Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday: grilling night. I can't believe it's been weeks since we've made the yogurt chicken so that has to come back out. Probably corn and tomatoes in the box too so we'll see how that works out.

Thursday: grill once, cook twice. I will also hope to be making the bourbon-marinated pork tenderloin (maybe with some grilled peaches?) while the grill is up and going, and whatever's in the box. TBD...last week it was more eggplant and red okra. Oh, and potatoes. Those have been going well for me. (The purple ones especially are awesome.) And my neighbors, who have been crazy-helpful this summer, love okra so they have been the recipients. (I don't mind okra, but they love it, and they have been so great to us this summer I am sorry I don't have a garden of it to give them.)

Friday: Pizza Friday probably, though it feels decadent with the Monday baseball game.

So we'll see how things go this week. Our younger son threw us a curve ball and announced he's interested in football, so we're scrambling to make that work. Those 6-8pm practices are brutal on timing...they come home starving and tired and dirty, and it's a crunch to get dinner ready by 5. And otherwise, we're working on some playdates, some things from our annual summer ideas poster...we'll keep you posted next week as we let these last 35 days play out!

Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie! for some excellent menu planning ideas!

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Mom24 said...

We start August 22 and I'm definitely feeling like math is not my friend. I'm back to work August 20 and while we need me to get back to work, I'm definitely dragging my heels.

So glad you've got a dinner everyone eats. :) Victory!

I've recently had (surprisingly to me) great success with a frittata and dutch babies. I would not have thought my youngest two would eat either one, but they loved both, so who can tell. You may want to give them a try. Easy as pie and very yummy for all of us.