Sunday, July 1, 2012

MPM--In Which I Confess I Have No Vision

So I actually did what I wanted to do last week (woohoo!) and made the new pork recipe last week. I wanted to try it because I had the leeks and carrots and also had something to do with the second pork tenderloin. That part of my plan worked; I had the stuff for the bourbon-mustard marinated pork tenderloin in the house from the bulk cooking experiment, so I bought the two-pack, froze one, and made the new recipe with the other. And hence the title: Of course it tasted like pork in a cheesy sauce. It was heavier than it seemed it would be in my head, and was a little "off" for summer in that it used such a heavy sauce on such delicate veggies. I did like the "cook in strips" part (me & my raw meat issues) but overall: not a winner here. Not to say it might not be for you. But for me? Not a favorite. (To be fair: I was missing the parsley, which I think would be a key ingredient. But--still, a very heavy sauce for some very delicate veggies.)

I am sick as a dog this week so boy howdy I'm going for easy.

Monday: whatever is the easiest Dinner AFare thing in the freezer

Tuesday: taco Tuesday

Wednesday: Happy 4th! Cookout on the street. Will probably make quinoa salad to share and grill burgers and dogs with the neighborhood.

Thursday: I'll feel better by then, right? Right? Please tell me I will feel better. Still something Dinner AFare-y.

Friday: something. probably a frantic effort to use the csa veggies.

Also? MorningStar Farms "Facon" (as my kids call it) has changed our summer. The older boy eats BLTs (or now, FLTs) every day. I can live with that. I love real bacon but it's nice to not be totally creeped out wondering whether you are poisoning your family with whatever pathogens are swirling in that package every lunchtime.

That's all I have in me this week, go see Org Junkie for more inspired summer ideas than "get well pronto."

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Mom24 said...

Sorry I missed you were sick, I'm glad you're doing better now.