Sunday, September 19, 2010

MPM--Finally Fall

Happy week, all. Things are falling in to place here (pardon the pun) but it's a busy week, so an uninspired menu. I'm also feeling unsettled, as all the new elementary school experiences rolling along, there are job interviews percolating, and health issues for one of my closest friends. I'm really just trying to cut to the basics and let this be a week where dinner is not on the list of things I worry about.

Monday: Boy Scout meet-n-greet picnic. I'm not sure scouting is a fit with our family, but we won't know unless we try, right?

Tuesday: pulled pork sandwiches, smashed potatoes, carrot salad

Wednesday: leftover grilled chicken or hot dogs, CSA vegetables, quick pickles

Thursday: pizza and salad--we're going to back-to-school night (#1) so this is for the sitters and the kids too

Friday: either football game (high school) or a Dinner A'Fare meal from the freezer

The good news from last week: we hosted the end of soccer season party at our house and it went well. I kept it deliberately low key for me because getting the house in shape for an onslaught was critical. I took a page from Wednesday Spaghetti and didn't go in to a cleaning frenzy (though I of course gave the bathrooms a good swipe), but mostly I just picked up to make room for everyone in the house, put the too-easy chili in the crockpot (doubled the meat and beans, plus pack-and-a-half of spices) and it was GONE. I'm glad I put out noodles to stretch it further. But it was so fun I am recommitting to doing more entertaining. We all loved it. I was thinking about the vestiges of the "When you entertain as a grownup, you use the good china and candlesticks and all sit down to a large meal" idea that hangs out in my brain from the house I grew up in, with the little voice saying, "This isn't a grownup party!" But it is. I'm keeping the china, just in case things change, but for now--this is working for us.

What are you up to? Post your menu with I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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brandy101 said...

I hosted a party for my daughter and her friends over the weekend; I did go on a cleaning binge BUT I had done most of the tough stuff earlier in the week pre-appraisal.

I put the leaf in the table and also thought about "good" dishes....then snapped my brain to reality and pulled out the paper/plastic stuff.

I liked that I was able to engage with the tween guests instead of worrying about loading the dishwasher; I think it would be the same with adult guests. That's why they make decorative paper plates, right?!