Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh, can you feel spring where you are too? We have spent so much time on the playground this week. My dog, who loved the snow too, is ecstatic. And I can feel my body make Vitamin D, I swear. Then the rain came and we hunkered down for a few more wintery meals.

This week is another freezer/pantry extravaganza. Other than a fun Moms Night Out at Dinner A'Fare last week I decided to try a Lenten fast on food shopping. It's made a real difference. I'm not going crazy on it or anything--I have certainly purchased things--but I am sticking to a list and making meal plans before I shop, not after. (I usually like to "see what looks good" and then plan but you know what? everything looks good and then I have too much food.)

Monday: out with friends for pizza

Tuesday: black bean tacos for us, regular tacos for the kids

Wednesday: Irish fest! Irish soda bread and shepherd's pie. (But I'll be thinking of green spaghetti.)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: out to dinner--woohoo!

Last week was really up and down. It was a good thing the old reliable spaghetti and meatballs were on there because some things didn't go well at all. There was only one total fail, but there were lots of little ones. I made the asparagus and scallions on Sunday and they were so good I made it again, but the next asparagus was so nasty tasting I'm off it for a long time. So it was that kind of thing. The only big fail was the Feta Shrimp but it was a doozy. That could have been many things; I tried a new kind of frozen shrimp (from Trader Joe's--I love my usual one from them); I didn't read carefully to see I needed fire-roasted tomatoes, which I don't eat, so I used regular...yada yada yada...too many little tweaks turn in to an inedible mess. So while I hate dumping a pot of uneaten food, I consoled myself that it doesn't happen often. And the boys were ecstatic--I was going out that night so I think my husband served soft pretzels and applesauce for dinner. I forgot I was making a friend mac and cheese on Wednesday so I didn't get to do the mushroom & spinach dish I meant to, and the chicken, while easy and liked, was kinda bland. (Of course my answer is always: throw some cheese on it! but this is not a good strategy all the time.) Even one of my nights out was funny. We went to a beer dinner at one of my favorite ever restaurants, but this time I was not impressed with the food. Granted it would be hard to live up to the memory of our first dinner there, which was a truly transcendent experience, and it was fine, but not as amazing as I was hoping for. My other dinner out was honestly just as good for a third of the price. (For my locals, it's easy to overlook Sligo if you aren't looking for Irish music, but the winter salad, the lamb and Guinness stew, the winter boxty, and the apple tart were all terrific--especially for $22 per person for all that!)

So next week is bound to be better--right?! On to it--and for more inspired, less cranky meal plans, don't miss I'm an Organizing Junkie for the best list on the web!

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That Irish soda bread sounds terrific!

Thanks for sharing your menu...lookin' good.