Sunday, March 7, 2010

MPM--Marching Along

Happy new week, meal planners!

One thing I forgot to mention last week, in the midst of my snow-addled meat fixation, was that we had the vegan sweet potato chili from the Year of Crockpotting blog in the post-freezer mess. And it was awesome. I was dreading it--I don't know why--I think I thought it would suffer from comparison to my other chili, or be too soon after, or too freezer-burned. None of the above was true. And while it was instantly deveganized by my husband with sour cream and cheese, it was terrific.

Meanwhile, now that one freezer is done, I'm working on the other. It was fine, but it was just time to rotate the stock. Lots of chicken was in there, so guess what dominates this week? At least my grocery bills are down. And (ahem) I'm going to another freezer-meal place this week so it's time to fill again. Out with the old, in with the next.

This week:

Sunday: Chicken Wellington from Super Suppers, rice, asparagus broiled with scallions (yum)

Monday: we're going out (woohoo!); kids will have pizza.

Tuesday: feta shrimp from Glorious One Pot Meals, salad, broccoli

Wednesday: baked chicken breasts, salad, spinach and portobellos with papardelle

Thursday: I'm out; boys will probably have spaghetti and meatballs.

Friday: Splendid Table's salmon pan roast, rice (scallion cilantro rice I'm hoping), tarragon leeks

Saturday: Leftovers,

Sunday: this steak from The Bitten Word; baked potatoes; salad; asparagus and scallion recipe from The Splendid Table

Last week went really well. The Frugal Foodies (from Two Fat Als) came through again with the pesto and sundried tomato chicken roll-ups. They were excellent. Despite liking pesto, my kids didn't really go for it but my husband had two and loved them. And seriously, could not have been easier and used up stuff in my fridge. Total winner all around.

I also tried a new for us recipe from Glorious One-Pot Meals. I was aiming for the shrimp with feta since I have a glut of feta (hello, this never happens in my world) and spinach. But I did not have couscous or a zucchini and I am not confident enough to start changing things up without trying them once first, so I went with New World Shrimp instead. SO easy--couscous in broth in the bottom of my Dutch oven; toss frozen shrimp with some wine, olive oil, garlic, & thyme; dump in pot; sprinkle chopped tomatoes, parsley, and lemon zest on top; bake. Done. And yummy. Again, not exactly bursting with flavor, but lovely in a mild way and again, had all those things in the house already. (I'm doing well on that piece of Lenten inspiration.) And after I hunt down a zucchini, the other half-pound of frozen shrimp ig going directly in to trying that other recipe.

Have a great week, and don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for great menu ideas!


Mom24 said...

Sounds yummy.

Have fun out with your hubby tonight.

brandy101 said...

you should check out my friend, Chris' food blog. He just posted a recipe for scallops and celery root - looks kinda easy and a good Lenten dish (unfortunately I cannot make due to seafood allergy but I am gonna try the celery root, maybe with some ribeyes.)